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The ability to add and multiply value in someone else’s life sometimes requires one to be selfless. It is at this stage where we realise that we were not born to live for just ourselves but to help people get to their next level, replicating our success and in turn changing our world for the better. 

Welcome to Lifewell

Medi Aid, Roadside Assist, Debt Aid, Legal Assist and Teacher on Call, Educate


Who We Are?

A dynamic team of young individuals with the prime focus of delivering Value added Services to our customers that are BETTER, CHEAPER and FASTER than any of our competitors. 

Being able to understand exactly what our clients need and what works for them has put us far ahead of the competition. 

Our services are carefully selected and partnerships are made with only reliable service providers who go through a stringent qualifying criteria before joining the LifeWell network. 

We understand that while offering top shelf services, our main focus should be on our Value and Supply chain, putting the delivery of our services at the highest level. This is accompanied by the latest technology and systems that we have incorporated into our call centers and mobile applications. 

In simple terms, our services WORK when you need them to! 

What We do 

We provide Value Added Services to individuals, families and corporates. Our products are day to day benefits that include Legal, Medical, Education and Auto assistance. 

How We Deliver 

Through the latest technology using apps , AI and advanced call center systems we are able to connect with our clients in real time. As a result we have eliminated frustrating delays from the moment a client calls us to the time we are able to assist and deliver.